Klingensmith Development is a full-service company located near Pittsburgh, PA that is results-driven and quality-focused.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible finished product within their budget and schedule constraints.  We have a highly-motivated staff and utilize the most current technology which allows us to perform in the most efficient manner.


At Klingensmith Development we work directly with owners and their engineers to develop each project from the beginning.  We believe in a three-step process which allows our clients to save both time and money.


Step 1:  Preliminary Site Selection

Klingensmith Development has a vast amount of experience to assist our customers in the early stages of a project and to develop a proposed budget which gives an owner the opportunity to decide the feasibility of the project prior to investing in the land or design.

Step 2:  Engineering and Permits

We work hand in hand with the owner and engineer.  Our goal during this phase is to take an owner’s ideas and marry them with an engineer’s design; this allows two parties with expertise in design and civil construction to accurately capture the ideas of the owner.  By taking this approach, it resolves many of the issues the first time which mitigates potential cost impacts to the project resulting from redesign.

Step 3:  Ground Breaking

Klingensmith Development will provide a complete civil package.  During this step in the process we take the owner’s ideas, which are now designed and approved, and give them life.  We will coordinate and attend all preconstruction meetings with township and government agencies, continually analyze cost savings potential throughout the project, and coordinate turn-over to the building contractor.

We look forward to hearing from you and developing a life-time business relationship.  Our goal is to provide you with solid ground to build your entire future on.

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